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Construction projects are funded by the SCA's 5-Year Capital Plan.

There are three types of construction programs:

  1. Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  2. Capacity (or Line)
  3. Mentor/ Graduate Mentor

CIP Projects

CIP projects maintain and upgrade existing school facilities. They are generally smaller than line projects and involve work such as interior/exterior building upgrades, roof and boiler replacements, electrical work, security systems, room conversions and transportable classrooms. Their estimated construction value typically ranges from $1 million to $15 million.

  • To view a list of CIP projects the SCA anticipates bidding out in the next six months, click the following link: Capital Improvement Projects Anticipated Contract Awards
  • To view CIP Projects that are currently out to bid, please see the section below on Types of Construction Bids.

Capacity Projects

Capacity projects are large-scale construction jobs that create additional seating capacity to the system. They are typically new school construction, major modernizations and additions. All major capacity projects must follow the requirements of the SCA's NYC Green Schools Guide to ensure sustainability and compliance with NYC Green Laws. Their estimated construction is more than $15 million.

Mentor / Graduate Mentor

Mentor/Graduate Mentor projects fall under the Mentor Program, which aims to increase, facilitate and encourage the participation of Minority, Women-Owned and Locally-Based Enterprises (MWLBEs) in the SCA's projects. Their construction value typically ranges from $80,000 to $1 million.


There are different requirements for working on an SCA project:

Requirements for Prime Contractors

  1. To bid on a construction project, a firm must be prequalified with the SCA at the time of bid opening;
  2. To begin the prequalification process, please go to the Vendor Access System and fill out the online application. To bid on a project, a firm must have the requisite trade-specific experience, qualifications and financial capacity to support the project.
  3. After winning a bid, a firm must show a good-faith effort to sub-contract 10% of its work to firms that are certified Locally-Based Enterprises (LBEs) and 20% of the work to certified Minority or Woman-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs), to comply with the SCA goals.
    1. To learn more about M/W/LBE certification, click the following link: NYCSCA MWLBE Certification

Requirements for Sub-Contractors

All sub-contractors must complete and submit a Prequalification Application prior to doing business with the SCA. Sub-contractors must also complete and submit a Sub-contractor Approval Form (SAF) prior to beginning work on an SCA project.

Login to the Vendor Access System (VAS) to access the SAF Guide for completing an SAF. The form is only available to firms that have been awarded an SCA contract. SAFs are project-specific, and one must be submitted for each project on which a sub-contractor works. The SAF identifies the sub-contractor, the estimated value of the work, the type of work the sub-contractor will perform and the expected start/end dates of that work.  Approval of an SAF is specific to the scope identified in the SAF.  Additional work awarded to a sub-contractor by a General Contractor (GC) during the life of a project requires the submission of a separate SAF for that extra work.

After a SAF is submitted in VAS, each sub-contractor receives an e-mail indicating whether the SAF is approved, pended or denied. If denied, the sub-contractor may be required to provide additional information before re-submitting the SAF.

Mentor sub-contractor firms should contact their respective Construction Managers for SAF submission information.

All sub-contractors working on SCA projects under the Owner Control Insurance Program (OCIP) must complete an SAF prior to working at the project site. Certificates of insurance are sent to contractors as confirmation of enrollment in the OCIP at a particular project site. On an occasion, a sub-contractor including a Mentor sub-contractor may be required to perform an emergency job before completing an SAF. In such a case, the form must be completed and filed within five (5) business days of starting work at the project site to avoid any lapse in insurance coverage.

All Wicks sub-contractors, proposed by a GC in the bid documents, must be prequalified with the SCA prior to the bid opening.

Types of Construction Bids

The SCA solicits construction contractors through two methods:

  1. Advertised Bids – typically used for construction jobs with an estimated construction value between $1 million and $4 million; public notices can be found in the City Record, CDS, Dodge, various other trade publications and the SCA's website; additionally, emails regarding these bids are sent to qualified contractors.
    1. To view details on advertised bid projects, click the following link: NYCSCA Advertised Bids
  2. Limited List Bids – open only to an invited group of prequalified contractors; typically used for projects estimated at more than $4 million, Capacity projects, Mentor and Graduate Mentor projects. Mentor/Graduated Mentor projects are typically valued at less than $1 million and are restricted to prequalified and certified Minority/Women-Owned or Locally-Based Business Enterprises (M/W/LBEs) enrolled in the Mentor/Graduate Mentor Programs.
    1. To view details on limited list projects, click the following link: NYCSCA Limited List Bids
    2. To learn more about the SCA's Mentor Program, click the following link: NYCSCA Mentor Program
    3. To learn more about M/W/LBE certification, click the following link: NYCSCA M/W/LBE Certification

Obtaining Bid Information

Do you want to find more information about a particular solicitation? (Note: you will need to know the solicitation number for a project in order to access the information). Bid Information

Picking up Plans and Submitting Bids

Contractors can either download bid solicitation documents online at the Bid Set Website, or purchase bid solicitation documents directly at the SCA's Sales Plans Room (SPR). The SPR is located on the first floor of the SCA, opposite the security desk (Queens location), at 30-30 Thomson Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101. The SPR can be reached at 718-472-8836 (telephone) and 718-472-8830 (fax).

A non-refundable payment for each set of bid documents is required. We accept all major credit cards, certified checks or money orders payable to the SCA. When purchasing solicitation documents, contractors must provide the following information: Legal company name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number and contact person.

Please Note: The SCA is now transitioning towards permanently making the bid sets available online, and discontinuing the sale of physical documents.

In connection with this transition, Contractors will be able to concurrently purchase bid documents at the SCA's SPR for Capacity and CIP solicitations through November 30, 2014.

Bid documents for Mentor and Mentor Graduate solicitations can be concurrently purchased at the SCA's SPR through December 31, 2014.

After these respective dates, the bid solicitation documents will only be available for online download at the Bid Set Website indicated above.

To learn more about navigating the Bid Set Website, Contractors can access a copy of the NYC SCA's Bid Set Website External User Guide at the SPR.

Bids must be submitted in accordance with established SCA procedures. SCA qualified contractors may submit their bids from Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (except on SCA holidays).