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NYC Green Schools Guide

The NYC Green Schools Guide and Rating System (click to view the 2007 Green Schools Rating System Presentation) was developed to guide the sustainable design, construction and operation of new schools, modernization projects and school renovations, and to achieve compliance with Local Law 86 of 2005 (New York City's Green Building Law). Local Law 86/2005 established a set of demanding sustainable standards for public design and construction projects in general, and makes NYC one of the first and largest school districts in the nation to have sustainable guidelines required by law.

On March 13, 2007, the Director of the Office of Environmental Coordination, on the behalf of the Mayor, determined that the NYC Green Schools Rating System is no less stringent than LEED for New Construction, version 2.2, for the achievement of a LEED Certified rating (the minimum required by Local Law 86/2005 for school projects). Copies of the independent review of the 2007 GSG, undertaken by OEC on behalf of the Mayor, and the Mayoral Findings can be downloaded from the Mayor's Office of Sustainability website at

Designing and building sustainable schools by following the NYC Green Schools Guide will utilize standards best suited to school buildings in New York City, and will allow "building green" to be integrated with the SCA's other core mandates of designing and building high quality projects within aggressive timeframes and as cost effectively as possible.

Click on the link to view the "NYC Green Schools Guide 2007", which was revised as of May 1, 2009.  The NYC Green Schools Guide 2007 was valid for applicable projects whose design started after January 1, 2007, but before June 26, 2009.  For projects that started design on or after that date, applicable projects were required to follow the "NYC Green Schools Guide 2009". An update to the 2009 guide, the "NYC Green Schools Guide 2016", will apply to projects starting design after May 31, 2016.  For convenience, changes from the 2009 guide are highlighted in yellow; click on the link below to view.

Please note that for optimal viewing in hardcopy, as well as to conserve paper, the Green Schools Guide is designed to be printed double-sided. 

Green Schools Rating System Forms and Sample Submissions

Green Schools Guide Construction Toolkits

In order to assist the construction team, consisting of the Contractor, Project Officer and Architect, to successfully track and document the construction phase credits for the GSG Rating System, the SCA has developed the following Toolkits.

 These Toolkits highlight the sustainability requirements included in the Contract Documents and what credits they are applied to. They should not be considered all inclusive; they are based on the current SCA Standard Specifications and thus the Contract Documents may have different or additional requirements that are to be incorporated in the same manner.


If any errors are found in the Green Schools Guide or Forms please email the CADD Unit. The forms are regularly updated and should be taken from the website at the beginning of each phase of the project.