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The Standard Specifications define the materials acceptable for use in New York City Public Schools, and are based on and complement the Design Requirements. For projects that have a system that is not included in the specification, the designer is to create the section based on the formatting. Deviations from the standards on capacity projects must be approved through the Deviations Committee.

The Standard Specifications are available in Word format and are to be edited as applicable for all projects.

General Requirements in the Division 1 section are not to be changed, revised, edited or omitted for projects.

Supplementary Requirements in the Division 1 section are to be edited as required for the project.

In order to view the Standard Specifications, you must download and install an MS Word Viewer or have a working version of MS Word 97 or later installed. You may download the latest viewer for free by following this link: Microsoft Word Viewer MS Word Viewer

Division 01 - General and Supplementary Requirements

Section NumberSection TitleIssue or Last Revision DateLatest Bulletin No.
General Requirements
G01000Specifications Format12/31/2003SP04-01
G01015Miscellaneous Provisions11/30/2015SP15-04
G01200Project Meetings12/31/2003SP04-01
G01600Material and Equipment7/31/2007SP04-01
G01700Project Closeout1/29/2016SP16-01
G01720Project Record Documents11/30/2015SP15-04
G01740Guarantees, Warranties and Bonds1/29/2016SP16-01
Supplementary Requirements
S01010Summary of the Work9/30/2015SP15-03
S01060Permits, Fees, and Certificates of Occupancy9/30/2015SP15-03
S01311Progress Schedule (Capacity Projects)5/18/2009SP09-01
S01312aProgress Schedule (Capital Improvement Projects > $1 Mil)5/18/2009SP09-01
S01312bProgress Schedule (Capital Improvement Projects < $1 Mil)11/23/2005SP05-05
S01313Progress Schedule (UPK Center Projects)5/15/2015SP15-02
S01352Sustainability Requirements5/15/2015SP15-02
S01400Quality Control9/30/2015SP15-03
S01426Sample Classroom5/15/2015SP15-02
S01500Temporary Facilities and Controls12/5/2014SP14-03
S01524Construction Waste Management4/29/2016SP16-02
S01535Safety Program12/5/2014SP14-03
S01550Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Requirements4/29/2016SP16-02
S01560Installation Sequence of Finish Materials5/15/2015SP15-02
S01630Product Substitutions9/30/2015SP15-03
S01650Facility Start-up, Demonstration, and Training11/1/2013SP13-05
S01660Supplemental Commissioning Requirements5/15/2015SP15-02
S01730Systems Operation and Maintenance Manual5/15/2015SP15-02
S01900Existing Premises Work4/29/2016SP16-02
Spec-CoverSpecifications Cover Sheet11/22/2010SD10-03
Table of ContentsSpecifications Cover Sheet1/29/2016SP16-01