Photos Taken at Schools

To ensure the privacy and safety of all of the children served by the DOE, whenever photographs are taken at schools; whether as part of a project during scope and design or to document the finished project, be particularly careful not to take any photographs of school children.

Projects in the Press - Publicizing Projects

Here are the ground rules for bringing our projects, your design efforts, into the public domain via articles, exhibits, design competitions, etc. The SCA is happy for our work to be publicized provided that due credit is given to the Authority, and that you let us know up front what you're planning.

For print pieces, please send draft articles to your Studio Director or to the Vice President of A&E, and we will run them through the necessary channels. We need to get clearance from the DOE press office before you send any school-related article to a publisher – a week should typically be enough turn-around time. Similarly, when the press asks you for an interview about SCA projects, it is fine to accept, but please ask that they send you a draft of the write up so that you can share it with us for a quick review before it's run. Remember to give us the name of the publication and who the intended audience is.

For exhibits or applications for competitions, let us know what, where and when. A copy of your application would have all the information we need. We don't need to approve your entry; we just want to know ahead of the public where our projects may appear. And certainly let us know if you receive an award!

Following this protocol is important so that the client we all work for, the Department of Education, gets news of our achievements from us, rather than being blinded-sided when they open the paper or get a congratulatory phone call.

The SCA hopes this clarification will enable and encourage you to spread the word of our mutual good work.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.