Communication with schools and local communities is an essential component of every SCA project.

SCA representatives meet with the school principal and custodian regularly during the scope and design phase of all Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Resolution A (Reso A) projects. Once the project has been awarded to a contractor, a United Federation of Teachers Health and Safety protocol meeting takes place at the school with participants that include the principal, network leader, custodian, parent representative and the SCA project team. Details of the project are discussed and participants have an opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns. Regular progress meetings are held throughout the duration of the project.

On all exterior projects, a letter is delivered to neighbors, the community board and City Council member that describes the type of work involved, hours that construction will take place, and provides a SCA contact for the project.

When determining a site for a new school facility, SCA communication begins with public hearings hosted by the local community board and CEC where residents can voice their concerns and opinions regarding the feasibility of the site selected. Follow-up presentations are given after the project is approved by the NYC Council, a design is completed and a construction schedule has been determined.

When a new addition to an existing school is in design and construction, project meetings take place with school representatives throughout the process. Construction activity occurs on weekdays during regular business hours and on weekends and holidays as needed.