SCA Plan Examination Appointments

Applicants requesting a follow-up Plan Exam Appointment filed with the SCA’s Building Code Compliance Division can make an appointment in person or on-line. Initial appointments and Plan Examiner assignments are usually made at time of initial filing and you should be alerted by email. If you do not know who was assigned to your job, find your Plan Examiner by searching BCC System using Citrix



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Drawings and Folder Requests

Please email Folder Drawings at least 24-hours prior to your appointment to request DOB folders and drawings. Drawings and applications approved after 2014 are scanned and available in PDF format. Find them by searching BCC System using Citrix and clicking the virtual folder icon.

Priority Reviews (Emergency Appointments)

Requests for expedited appointments should be made by an SCA Design Manager (DM), SCA Design Project Manager (DPM), or by working with BCC management.

Specialized Plan Examination Appointments

Please contact BCC management or email Plan Review for special appointment requests, unless directed.

  • Feasibility
  • Pre-considerations, re-considerations, CCD1s
  • Pre-BIS jobs, etc.