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The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) offers exciting internship programs for high school and college students.

SCA's College Internship Program

SCA's College Internship Program ("CIP") was established to attract and recruit talented college students interested in architecture/engineering design, construction management, public administration, information technology and other careers in a public service agency.

Program Highlights:

  • Students receive challenging work assignments and career mentoring from their supervisors and work colleagues.
  • Students may intern up to 20 hours a week from October through May and up to 35 hours per week from June through August.
  • Students are paid a salary based on grade level.


  • The program is open to local, full-time college students in their sophomore/junior year or in graduate school.
  • GPA requirements: 3.0 or above.

Application Process:

  • Check the Internship Postings Page for available offerings.
  • Submit resume and cover letter indicating the position you are applying for.
  • Selected finalists will be notified and an interview will be scheduled with the hiring area.

The SCA's internship programs follow the agency's avoidance of nepotism policy. SCA employees and SCA consultants should consult the agency’s nepotism policy on the SCANetwork. 

Inquiries may be emailed to: SCA Internships

 Summer Interinship Program/HTML

Summer Internship Program

The SCA's Summer Internship Program ("SIP") recruits talented NYC public high school juniors/seniors for a six-week internship with various SCA divisions and SCA business partners.  The internship is designed to expose students to the intern host’s core business operations. Students work alongside professionals on a variety of administrative and more advanced hands on assignments. Students spend four days a week working at their intern host and the remaining day of the week attending career development workshops and activities designed to help them succeed academically, personally and professionally.

Program Highlights:

  • Students receive career experience and mentoring.
  • Students attend career development workshops on business etiquette, business communication, financial planning, and college planning.
  • Rising seniors who successfully complete the six-week program receive one HS credit.
  • Students intern 30 hours per week from the first week in July through mid-August.
  • Students are paid a minimum wage salary.


  • The program is open to college-bound, NYC public high school students in their junior/senior year.
  • GPA requirement: 80 or above
  • Students must be available to complete the entire six-week program.

Application Process:

Applicants should submit application materials to SIP by March 10th.
  • Check the Internship Postings Page to access the link for the online application for SIP.
  • Students must be recommended for SIP by their teacher or guidance counselor/college adviser.
  • The application materials must include a completed online SIP application,  current resume, complete official high school transcript, Interview Availability Form and a completed Recommendation Form.
  • Eligible students will be scheduled to interview for SIP during the Spring Break period at the SCA.
  • Selected students will be notified of decisions from their school contact in early May.
  • If approved, students will begin their internships in July.

The SCA's internship programs follow the agency's avoidance of nepotism policy. SCA employees and SCA consultants should consult the agency’s nepotism policy on the SCANetwork.

Inquiries may be emailed to: SCA Internships.

 Internship Postings
Please click on the link below to access the online application for the 2017 Summer Internship Program (SIP). As a reminder, SIP is open to New York City public high school current juniors and seniors with a grade point average of eighty (80) or higher that are eligible to work in the United States and available for the program’s duration. The student applying should submit the SIP application online and upload the first three documents listed below to their application. The Recommendation form is to be filled out and submitted by the teacher or guidance counselor/college adviser completing the form. The final submission deadline for all applications is March 10, 2017:

  1. Current resume (strongly preferred but optional)
  2. Interview availability form (see attached PDF document)
  3. Complete official high school transcript 
  4. Recommendation form (see attached PDF document)

Inquiries should be email to



SIP 2017 Internship Application Guide

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