A major element of work performed by IEH HazMat includes the performance of environmental due diligence of properties and buildings to be used for school facilities. These include additions to existing schools, new acquisitions, new leases and lease renewals. The due diligence process is intended to identify environmental conditions that could have the potential to impact a site for a proposed, or for continued use, as a school facility. Environmental concerns that are identified through this process are addressed through remediation and/or the installation of engineering controls to render the site suitable for school use.

As part of our Due Diligence process, SCA performs extensive studies and investigations to determine the environmental conditions of every site. These studies and investigations go well beyond the requirements of typical industry practices since we are charged with constructing schools that are environmentally safe. Further, we design and implement comprehensive remedial measures that will ensure a safe environment for the life of the school. Our level of care is what sets us apart from others:

  • The SCA never performs asbestos removal, lead paint removal or any other high-risk work in occupied school buildings
  • Environmental experts verify that asbestos, lead paint and other hazardous materials have been removed and that schools areas are safe
  • Our Brochure about Environmental Issues in Construction describes the protocols that the SCA follows to meet legally required standards and protect the school environment.

If you have any questions about environmental issues during construction, please email ERC.