The SCA recruits MWLBE firms for certification through participation in various minority trade shows, conferences and forums. Firms can also call or walk in to request certification assistance. Outreach is a very critical element of our program. A prime contractor can use only certified firms to satisfy their MWLBE goals. Firms may not participate in the Mentor Program unless currently certified. Only certified firms are encouraged to attend SCA's free business development technical assistance classes.

To learn more about the Mentor Program, click: Mentor

Firms seeking certification with the SCA can call (718) 472-8899 or go to: MWLBE Certification Page.

General contractors are required to make and demonstrate good faith efforts to achieve the SCA's goal to subcontract 30% or more of their work to certified MWLBE firms. Business Development provides general contractors with guidance and assistance in finding qualified and certified MWLBE firms to promote compliance with these goals.

A certified minority subcontracting plan must be submitted within ten days after the Notice of Intent to Award is issued. BDD monitors contracts through completion, and a component of each general contractor's evaluations is adherence to MWLBE participation goals.

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The SCA’s Business Development Department (BDD) has a focused mission: to develop best business practices that will increase, facilitate and encourage the participation of MWLBE firms to successfully perform work with the SCA. To accomplish this, BDD is responsible for the outreach, recruitment and development of MWLBE firms to participate as primes and subcontractors in the SCA’s Mentor Program, Graduate Mentor Program, and Capital Improvement Program. BDD also monitors and ensures that prime/general contractors are subcontracting a minimum of 30% of their work to qualified MWLBEs in order to meet the agency’s participation goals.