The mission of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is to protect the SCA from victimization by racketeering, fraudulent schemes, wasteful practices and all manner of crimes perpetrated by those doing business with, as well as those employed by the SCA.

Its goals are to reduce corruption and fraud, improve the SCA's systems and practices, and support civil suits for the recovery of monies that have been lost.

In addition, the Inspector General will serve as an ombudsman and advocate for any contractor that has been unfairly or improperly restricted or prevented from competing for SCA work due to any illegal conduct.

This effort should serve the objective of attracting greater private sector participation in the SCA's construction programs.

To Contact the Office of the Inspector General

In Writing:

Office of the Inspector General
NYC School Construction Authority
188 West 230th Street 
Bronx, NY 10463

By Calling:

Office of Inspector General (718) 901-6600 (24 hrs)


Office of Inspector General