General Information

The goal of the SCA's Business Development Department (BDD) is to develop, expand and manage a successful minority-owned, woman-owned and local business enterprise (MWLBE) program that effectively promotes the growth, education and prosperity of the largest possible group of diverse SCA certified and qualified firms; to facilitate the successful participation of these firms in the SCA's construction program; and to encourage the creation of other opportunities for these firms in the greater construction industry.  

In fulfilling this, BDD conducts outreach to encourage MWLBE firms to prequalify and certify to bid on SCA projects and certifies vendors as MWLBEs. BDD with the Construction Management Department jointly manages the Mentor and Graduate Mentor programs. The Business Development Department has responsibility for the Mentor program training curriculum, loan program and bonding program. BDD also provides training and capacity building resources to MWBEs not in the Mentor program. The department enforces compliance with the SCA's MWLBE  and work force participation goals on construction projects.  BDD also manages a Summer Internship Program for high school students, a year-round college internship program and a construction back-office workforce development program, Opportunity Academy. In performing these and related tasks, BDD works very closely with the Prequalification Division (which qualifies firms to do business with the SCA), Procurement, Construction Management, and other SCA departments.