PSIS437 - Brooklyn

Comments on the proposed actions below should be sent to the attention of:

Melanie La Rocca, Vice President of Operations 
New York City School Construction Authority 
30-30 Thomson Avenue 
Long Island City, NY 11101

Proposed Site Selection for a New High School, District 30 Queens 

Pursuant to §1731 of the New York City School Construction Authority Act, notice has been filed for the proposed site selection of Block 1192, Lots 41, 47, 48 & 45 and any other property in the immediate vicinity which may be necessary for the proposed project, located in the Borough of Queens, for the construction of a new, approximately 2,500-seat high school facility in Community School District No. 30.  The proposed site is privately owned and contains approximately 136,895 square feet (3.14 acres) of lot area. It is located at the corner of Northern Boulevard and 54th Street in the Woodside section of Queens (see attached).

Comments on the proposed actions are to be submitted to the New York City School Construction Authority at the above address or by email to sites@nycsca.org and will be accepted until October 15, 2018.

Proposed New, approximately 432-seat PS & 231-seat 3K/UPK in School District 31 


The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) is proposing to acquire property that fronts Narrows Road to the north, Landis Avenue to the south, Hastings Street and Knauth Place to the east and Cleveland Place to the west in School District No. 31 to use as a public school facility that would accommodate approximately 432 primary school students and approximately 231 3K/UPK students.  The site is comprised of the former St. John Villa educational campus and their former parking lot. The SCA will continue to accept public comments on this proposal until November 1, 2018.