Telecom Arts & Technology Auditorium - Brooklyn

Over the past 29 years, the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) has located, designed, and constructed, the most cutting edge educational and recreational facilities for the more than one million New York City public school students.  The SCA has provided over 265,000 new school seats, not including Temporary Classroom Units (TCUs), to New York City students, opened the nation’s largest free Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) network providing almost 8,800 seats under the Mayor’s UPK initiative and protected, repaired and upgraded over 1,800 schools in over 1,400 school buildings with over 12,500 capital improvement projects. 

Our record has been exemplary and always improving. More recently, in addition to establishing the nation’s largest Universal Pre-Kindergarten network, the SCA constructed an unprecedented number of schools and additions and completed thousands of capital improvement projects, including the repair, re-opening and completing of permanent renovations on a record number of schools in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. Concerned about our environment, we made sustainable design and construction our new standard and implemented a diversity program that redefined the tone and changed the approach to minority participation’ at the SCA. 

Challenges were pervasive throughout our history, but we triumphed. Now, we must continue to pass our spirit, know- how and dreams forward so that the next generation of NYC public school children have even opportunities. Thank you for your support.

The SCA begins the September 2018-2019 school year opening eight new primary, intermediate and high school facilities, six new facilities for the Mayor’s pre-kindergarten initiative and completing over 300  capital improvement projects.  The SCA staff ensured our success through their dedication and commitment to our mission. With each new school year, I continue to feel proud to lead an organization that consistently reaches our goals and objectives.

As we pass a new school, addition or an older school that the SCA has constructed or improved, we can each take pride in being part of the SCA; a dedicated group of individuals who over the past twenty-nine years have given great public service to the school children of New York City through extraordinary design and construction of school facilities. Over these years, our contributions to the school community have ensured that children learn in a safe and attractive environment. 

As we approach our 30th  year, let’s all renew our commitment to the SCA mission to design and construct safe, attractive and environmentally sound public schools. Thank you for all your continued efforts.

- Lorraine Grillo