Vendors, Consultants and Contractors must submit an approved invoice or Request for Payment (RFP) to begin the payment process

Payments for goods and services purchased through Purchase Orders (PO) are made using the Oracle iSupplier System.

The SCA uses four systems to process an approved RFP

  • RCMS (Requirements Contracts Management System)
  • EnFo (IEH Environmental Information System)
  • PCM (Primavera Contract Management System
  • CAMP (Construction & Architecture Management Platform)

Request for Payments are interfaced to the SCA Financial System and an E-Affirm, Docu-Sign or Wet Signature copy is required to initiate the payment.

Retainage is held at 5% on Construction RFPs and is released, starting at 95% completion of work.

Assignment of Funds requests are reviewed and approved by the Legal and Labor Law Departments and entered into SCA Lien System. If the Assignee is not registered in the NYC Financial Management System, a completed Substitute W-9 Form and Letter 147C must be submitted to the SCA’s Finance Vendor Management Team before payment is made.

Public improvement liens, restraining notices, stop payment orders, Labor Law 220 violations and tax levies are entered into the SCA Lien System by the Legal and Labor Law Departments. Funds are withheld when the approved payment request is submitted to Finance. Funds will be released to the Contractor or Vendor when the Lien is satisfied, released, cancelled or bonded.

The SCA’s goal is to make payment within thirty (30) days of an approved invoice/RFP submission to the Finance Department. Currently, payments are made via check. We anticipate EFT in the future.