Requests for payment (RFP) are fed to the Oracle Financial System by Expedition and the Oracle Requirements Contract Management System (ORCMS) on a daily basis. Payments are not processed in Oracle until the Finance Department receives a properly executed hard copy RFP.

Improperly completed and/or incomplete Requests for Payment shall not be processed and will be placed on hold pending correction.

The SCA's goal is to make payments within thirty (30) days of receipt by the Finance Division.

Payment Systems Overview

The Finance Department uses three software applications to process payments: Payment Policy

Construction  Service Contract  Invoicing 
BID Contracts Contingent Staff Contracts Administrative Invoices 
(Operating Budget Purchase Orders)
Mentor Program CM Contracts
(awarded after May 2006)
Mentor Program CM Contracts
(awarded before May 2006)
JOC Contracts  A&E Consultant Contracts  
Emergency IEH Consultant Contracts  
  Emergency CM Contracts  
CONTACT: SCA Project Officer,
Operations Manager
CONTACT: SCA Operations
CONTACT: SCA Operating

When the percentage of work completed for a project (and reflected on the RFP) is ninety-five (95%) percent or greater retainage shall be released to a contractor.

Assignment of Funds and/or Joint Payee requests shall be reviewed and approved by the Legal Services Division. A Substitute W-9 Form may be required. All required supporting documentation shall be provided to the Finance Department prior to submitting the payment request and attached to the RFP upon submission.

Public improvement liens, restraining notices, stop payment orders, Labor Law 220 violations and tax levies shall be processed and funds withheld from approved Requests for Payment received in the Finance Department after the effective date of the claim. Withheld monies shall remain on hold until the claim has been satisfied, released or bonded. Upon satisfaction of the claim, monies will be released to the Contractor/Vendor unless otherwise instructed.

When submitting an RFP to the Finance Department, the PO shall ensure that the Certified Payrolls were submitted to the Labor Law Compliance Unit and that a Certification of Payroll for the Contractor and all subcontractors is attached to the RFP.

Payment for materials stored on or off-site shall be made when concern exists regarding delivery dates and/or lead times. The contractor shall provide a written request to the PO that includes a detailed list of materials stored for which payment is being requested, paid invoices for the materials in support of the amounts claimed, and certificates of insurance and transfer of title. The contractor may also be required to submit an itemization of inventory, including previously stored material, new deliveries, the amount of material placed and the amount of materials remaining to be installed. The PO shall verify the amount of materials for which payment is being requested. Materials stored shall be included in the value of work completed for the relevant item of work.