The New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse and qualified workforce. We offer a wide array of opportunities for people at all stages of their career. Although our business requires candidates with backgrounds related to construction, architecture, and engineering, we also require applicants seeking careers in the finance, information technology, administration, and legal fields.

The goal of the SCA’s Human Resources Division is to attract, retain, and develop high-quality talent by offering comprehensive training programs for technical and administrative professionals. We provide staff access to daily informal learning opportunities where employee interaction and sharing of knowledge reinforces our workplace as an active learning environment. Continued resources for professional development are a core part of employment at the SCA.

Do you need training to move up the ladder?

Our formal ongoing training programs are designed to help employees grow and develop their career at the SCA and move up the professional ladder. The program’s main goal is to facilitate upward mobility and enhance leadership skills.

Do you want to reduce the cost of continuing education?

Eligible SCA employees may be reimbursed for academic course work in a matriculated program that enhances their position, and may receive assistance in obtaining professional certificates.

Eligible SCA employees are entitled to SCA-paid licensures and professional memberships.

Are you looking for your first job?

We invest in helping entry-level candidates secure their first job. Read about our Internship Programs and our participation in the New York City Department of Education’s (NYCDOE) Success Via Apprenticeship (SVA) Program.

The SCA needs and wants your expertise to fulfill our mission. In return, we offer the necessary support and training to help you reach your professional goals. Join the SCA team and experience the reward of serving the needs of the children of the City of New York.