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Capital Plan

The FY2015 – 2019 Capital Plan is structured into three major categories, including Capacity, Capital Investment, and Mandated Programs to provide a comprehensive view of the proposed initiatives. Capacity includes all initiatives that create new school facilities, and the Capital Investment category includes the Capital Improvement Program and School Enhancement Projects, which were established to adjust and improve the instructional capabilities of our existing buildings. The Mandated Programs category allocates funding to meet requirements by local laws, City agency mandates, and other required elements such as remediation and building code compliance projects, insurance, and emergencies.

Below are links to current and prior closed out Amendments of the 2015-19 Capital Plan.

collapse Fiscal Years: 2015 - 2019
 expand DoED March 2016 Five-Year Capital Plan - Proposed March 2016
 expand DoED January 2016 Five-Year Capital Plan - Proposed January 2016
 expand DoED May 2015 Five-Year Capital Plan - Proposed May 2015
 expand DoED November 2014 Five-Year Capital Plan - Proposed November 2014
 expand DoED February 2014 Five-Year Capital Plan - Proposed February 2014
 expand DoED November 2013 Five-Year Capital Plan - Proposed November 2013