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Public Art For Public Schools

Public Art for Public Schools (PAPS), a unit within the New York City School Construction Authority, was established in 1989 to oversee the Department of Education’s collection of permanent artwork in the city’s schools. The program’s mission is to commission new projects for new schools, and to maintain and preserve artwork in existing schools. Our ultimate goal is for every school in the city to possess at least one professional artwork, thereby visually, artistically, and educationally enhancing school learning environments.

  • Bronx - DeWitt Clinton High School
  • Bronx - DeWitt Clinton High School
  • Bronx - Morris High School
  • Bronx - Morris High School
  • Queens - H.S. for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture
  • Manhattan - P.S./I.S. 210
  • Manhattan - P.S./I.S. 210
  • Brooklyn - P.S. 138
  • Queens - Jamaica High School
  • Queens - Jamaica High School
  • Manhattan – P.S. 123
  • Brooklyn - P.S. 346
  • Queens - Gateway High School
  • Staten Island - PS / IS 48
  • Manhattan - Midtown East Campus
  • Manhattan - Midtown East Campus
  • Bronx - ECC at PS 94 Annex
  • Brooklyn - Starr Brooklyn Tech
  • Staten Island - I.S./H.S. 43

Public Art for Public Schools Programs

Percent for Art

In collaboration with the Percent for Art Program of the Department of Cultural Affairs, direct commissions are awarded to artists to create permanent artwork for new school buildings. Artists are selected by a panel that includes representatives from the Department of Education and arts professionals. The resulting artwork may take many forms, from traditional murals to environmental sculpture. In commissioning public art, PAPS considers numerous factors including durability, safety, and educational components. Artists are brought on early in the design process to maximize collaboration with the architects and to ensure compatibility and integration with the building. Click here for “Percent  for Art” artist registry application.

Sites for Students

Through the Sites for Students program, school children are actively involved in the creation of permanent artwork for new school buildings. Artists are selected by a panel including representatives from the school, the Department of Education, and arts professionals. They are commissioned to teach workshops and collaborate with students in the conceptualization and creation of projects for these schools. Click here for more information and “Sites for Students” artist registry application.


Public Art for Public Schools also oversees the distribution of art donated to the NYC public schools through corporate and private donors and manages the relocation of work from existing sites.


As curator of a collection of nearly 1,500 objects dispersed throughout the NYC school system, Public Art for Public Schools oversees a range of services including a professional conservation program, a collection database, and curricular resources. Our aim is to preserve the many varied types of artworks ranging from Tiffany stained glass, painted and mosaic murals, sculpture, and painting; and to restore any damaged work to the best possible condition, so that staff and students may experience the work as originally intended.


For more information about any of these programs please contact:

Public Art for Public Schools

New York City School Construction Authority

30-30 Thomson Ave

Long Island City, NY 11101

Tel: (718) 472-8790

Fax: (718) 752-8790


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