SCA Plan Examinations

Applicants that file with the SCA's Building Code Compliance (BCC) Division make appointments on-line. Initial appointments and Plan Examiner assignments are usually made at time of initial filing and you should be alerted by email. If you do not know your Plan Examiner, search BCC System using Citrix

For other questions about the SCA, use the Contact Us page.

Microsoft Teams

Plan examinations are all conducted over Microsoft Teams, you do not need a Microsoft account. It is the responsibility of the applicant to be prepared to use this service before their appointments. Verify that your voice, video, and sound are all functioning properly—a camera is not necessary. We ask that all applicants join your virtual plan examination five minutes early to avoid last-minute difficulties. Plan Examiners are not able to troubleshoot technical issues. Skype for Business has been discontinued at the SCA.


Email Permit Submissions

You can send all permit documents to

Your email shall contain a PDF of the completed forms and all required documents listed on the BCC system “requirements for permits.” Incomplete submissions will be rejected via email. When the documents for permits have  been reviewed the application processing unit, will process permit and  update the BCC system.


New Applications Submissions

DOB NOW: Build Submissions:

Electronic submissions can be submitted directly in DOB NOW and SCA employees have DOB credentials. DOB NOW submissions must indicate SCA as owner type to be assigned to an SCA Plan Examiner. You must include an SCA transmittal for tracking and payment. We use Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and BCC 2.0 (Citrix) for collaboration.

eFiled Submissions:

Email the Plan Review mailbox with a transmittal, eFiled PW1(s) & other required forms, and signed Design Drawings. Large drawings can be attached via Dropbox, Google Drive, or other hosting services.

BCC will create a BCC-job number and an SCA OneDrive folder if the submission is complete. Incomplete submissions will be rejected and not entered into our system.

When the job has been reviewed the examiner will share a OneDrive link with “red marks” with the applicant; objections will be in the BCC System. Save the new OneDrive link for future collaboration. The BCC system will send you an automatic email regarding Approval/Disapproval. 

Electronic Amendments

BCC is also accepting amendments to existing jobs by email to the Plan Review mailbox. A transmittal, PW-1 and/or AI1 and additional required forms are required. Large drawings can be attached via Dropbox, Google Drive, or other hosting services. Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

Drawings and Folder Requests

Drawings are not available to consultants using Citrix, but can be requested by sending an email to Folders Drawings. Physical DOB folders should be requested at least 24-hours prior to your appointment by emailing Folder Drawings. Drawings and applications approved after 2014 are scanned and available in PDF format.

Priority Reviews (Emergency Appointments)

Requests for expedited appointments should be made by an SCA Design Manager (DM), SCA Design Project Manager (DPM), or by working with BCC management.



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